2 Essential Tips For Housing Hunting In Italy

House huntingCan you actually get a historic home in an Italian village for less than an espresso’s cost? Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? There is a catch. In order to build your dream home, you need to do some magic with the boulder of rocks which will cost you around € 30,000. Oops!

Do you know that lack of preparation is one of the major pitfalls while hunting for your dream house? The housing buying season is very competitive and if you are not careful, you may lose out on that breath-taking 4 bedroom villa overlooking the beautiful sea. Keep in mind that among first time buyers, the rate of participation is quite low but the market is still competitive from the sellers’ perspective. Let us look at some tips which one must keep in mind while house hunting:

Use of internet:

If you are a buyer, you have to make decisions very quickly especially at the heat of the housing season. This is because in many major markets, the inventory is usually tight. Supply is usually less than the demand. Over 9 out of 10 people search for online listings before jumping into the cauldron and making purchases. However, spending too much time staring at your computer screen might give you a head start but the best way to find out is to hit the streets. This is because what you see online may not reflect the true picture when you get to see the location from your eyes. Always remember that the seller would make all the efforts to make the listings as attractive as possible to attract a lot of buyers. Thus, use of internet is not completely to your advantage. But, one can always make quick decisions with respect to latest inventories showing up in the listings.


Are you well aware of the market values of the houses in the particular location where you are seeking to purchase a new home? Have you done appropriate research? What has been the trend of market values over the last 5-10 years with regards to that location? Are there any developmental projects commencing in that location? Is the location far from the city or is it prime location? You need to have answers to all these questions and a lot more before you make buying decisions. Keep in mind that the cost of premium homes usually go through the roof in prime locations. A fantastic way of having access to all such valuable information to hire the best real estate agent in the city. Such agents can also provide you with insider information which is hard to find online and even offline. Also you should never fail to take advantage of low interest rates!

Moreover a beautiful and a comfortable house also affects the mental and physical health of the person. It is ironical but true having a bigger and better house influences you to improve other aspects of your life such as relationships and health. It is easier to eat shit and dress like shit if you live in a shit place. However, you would be forced to step up, curb your obesity and sport beautiful abs if your house is located in a prime location. Taking a few pills to curb such obesity would not be a bad idea. Check out this popular Spanish website: LaSaludDeUltra, if you want more information regarding how to control obesity using diet capsules.